Thursday, 30 October 2014

Sunshine Coast Celebrant Trudy McGee at Clio's on Rosemount

Bride - Julie Morton - her great advice for staying calm and in the "moment"

Julie wrote:   "We stayed together the night before and I left early in the morning.  Having that moment when you first see each other all dressed up as you walk down the aisle was so special to share with our guests.  If you are nervous, you need to discuss what is making you nervous and make sure it isn't being uncertain of commitment!  My groom was worried about being the focus of attention, so we choose a pageboy who we knew would wander off course and make us laugh.
We also worked with our fabulous Celebrant - Trudy McGee - to come up with funny moments during the ceremony to relax us.  A good Celebrant, like Trudy,  has lots of tips to cope with nerves.  It was most important to me that I found a Celebrant who was warm and friendly but also was good at putting emotion and humour into our ceremony".    married 3rd October 2014

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