Friday, 16 January 2015

So Where Does the Groom Fit In?

When most people think of weddings they think its “all about the Bride”.  What about the Groom?  Without the Groom there wouldn’t be a wedding, so lets try to help the Grooms out with some easy ideas
Every groom wants their wedding day to be special, if only to please their Bride to be.  
Here are a few ways in which a Groom can offer to help out:
    Help choose the location of the wedding, its your day too
    Choose your suits/casual gear yourselves, and don’t forget your shoes, socks, ties, cufflinks, etc 
    Choose the car for the bride to arrive in
    Choose some music for the Ceremony
    Choose those you trust to have the music on hand, ready to go
    Chose the right groomsmen, who will help you prior to your wedding and on the day
    Choose the wedding photographer
    Help create a total budget for the day
Don’t forget some Brides want to be part of the entire pre-wedding process, but if you offer to help out, you may be surprised she will let you, as it takes a lot of strain from the Bride to get even the smallest amount of help on such a special day
If your wedding is a small intimate wedding, you can still offer to help in so many ways, as above, just being there to listen is the best way, if you can't think of any other way.
Keep tuned for more great wedding ideas, no go zones, and fun for your wedding day

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